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Weird or wonderful? Sushi doughnuts are here, to satisfy the craving you didn’t know you had

You know when you’re really craving a doughnut? But, like, what you really want is a doughnut that is somehow made from pickled rice, raw fish and vegetables? Sure you do! The savoury-rice-doughnut pangs! Textbook.

Well, we’re here to tell you that all those weird fishy-rice-pastry cravings are about to meet their match. Because sushi doughnuts are a thing now.

Not just a thing that somebody in Tokyo made once for lols and has been blown out of all proportion, either. Sushi doughnuts are such a thing that there’s even a recipe for them on the Sainsbury’s site. Your parents are going to discover it any day now. Soon you’ll be getting home from school to hear them yell “doughnuts for dinner!” from the kitchen, followed by a load of parenty giggling as they serve up round mounds of rice topped with prawns, avo and soy sauce and wait to see how long it takes you to notice it isn’t a Krispy Kreme.

And now, when that happens, you’ll be prepared. You’re welcome.


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