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Girls that make the Pretty Little Liars look tame

If you’ve ever watched an episode of Pretty Little Liars, you’ve probably had a moment where you’ve thought to yourself, ‘I mean, their clothes are fabulous and their hair is always on point, but no one really does this stuff.’

For example; no one kills a girl in a theatre with a gun that was a prop for a play, no one gets buried alive by their own mother, no one hits that many people with a car.

But it turns out some people are real life PLL, and we’ve found some of them.

The massive over-reactor

You thought your summer holidays were bad? An American 15 year old called 911 from a rental cottage in Trent Hills, Ontario to complain that her family had “forced her” to go on holiday with them.

The police showed up to the cottage to make sure everything was A-okay, and found that it was just a regular family vacation, probably down to the Monopoly board on the dining table and the factor 30 sunscreen near the door.

The vain one

On the other side of the Pacific, another girl had her own run in with the cops. Amy Sharp, 18 escaped from a Sydney police station two weeks ago. The police quickly released a statement alerting public to the fact that Amy was on the loose and shared it on Sydney’s 7 News Facebook Page:


Within minutes, Amy commented on the image saying:

Replacement photo

Now tell me that doesn’t have Hanna Marin written all over it.

But Liars-level badassery starts young. If Aria’s taught us anything, it’s that sometimes the smallest people are the bravest ones.

The political ones

The manager of USA Freedom Kids, who you might remember from this incredibly weird performance at a Trump rally:

Well they’re now suing the Trump campaign. The girls manger, Jeff Popick claims that the campaign reneged on a verbal agreement to pay for travel and expenses.

The brave one

And this week, New Zealand found the “bravest little girl in the country.” Sarah Patel is only six, but when a group of attackers entered her father’s electronics store in Auckland on Monday afternoon, she confronted one of them. And like, no big deal, but the attacker was holding an axe. A freaking real life axe.

Sarah told the press that she was just trying to save one of her father’s employees and she wasn’t scared.

It seems that there are plenty of bad-asses outside of Rosewood.

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