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Dreamy craft books you NTK about if you’re an arty kinda girl

If you’re into art, there’s nothing better than cracking open your supplies and unboxing your paints, your pencils, your threads and your fluffy stuff to make something totally unique and amazing.

Whether you’re seriously talented or you just love getting messy with the glitter glue, creating something is fun and rewarding – but sometimes we all need a little bit of bonus inspo to get started.

If you get all heart eye emoji over the thought of collage and colouring, stitching and sticking, drawing and doodling, here’s 12 straight-up beautiful craft and colouring books guaranteed to make your inner artist go all giddy.

1. Collage Carnival: A Book To Colour, Cut and Paste by Lizzie Lee

Even when you feel as though the right side of your brain lets you down and your drawing skills are errr… limited, there’s a cute craft out there for you to get stuck in with. You could try collage – cutting and sticking patterns and textures to create something awesome.

This fun and interactive book is packed with ideas and material for making collages, and a range of projects like city scapes, travel journals using holiday snaps and glitter-filled cards for your best pals.

2. Keep Calm and Colour Unicorns by Huck & Pucker

Colouring books are a great thing to have on hand for when you want to unwind and de-stress, and cracking out your colouring pencils can be super relaxing. But why not make the whole thing even better with a unicorn-themed colouring book?

Rather than sticking to IRL-inspired pictures, completing your own pages of rainbow unicorns and mythical magic means that your mindfulness time could lead to some amazing, imaginative daydreaming.

3. Arm Candy by Laura Strutt

One of the best things about being a creative kinda soul is sharing your creations with the people who think you’re an arty genius. So imagine how much your pals are gonna love you when your latest talent is making the perfect friendship bracelets.

Arm yourself with a rainbow of thread and, with step-by-step instructions and photography, you will soon be fully prepared to knot, bend, twist, braid and tie your way into friendship-bracelet heaven.

4. Secret Garden Embroidery by Sophie Simpson

Looking for the most beautiful craft book around? You just found it. Inspired by all of the loveliest parts of nature, this one is bursting with botanical-inspired needlework projects that will take you from budding novice to confident stitcher in no time.

Between the pages you’ll find a collection of cross stitch and embroidery projects to the theme of an English country garden, and a magical story amongst the flowers and wildlife-covered designs.

5. The Ultimate Brush Lettering Guide by Peggy Dean

More into words than pictures? Anyone obsessed with fancy fonts and lettering will fall head over heels in love with this one. Whether you’ve never picked up a brush pen before, or you’re a swirly writing expert by now, this will help you perfect the lettering that you’ve seen all over Instagram.

Once you’ve mastered the letters, flourishes and style, you can use the dreamy new skill for presents, cards and even your own inspirational Insta quotes.

6. Pompomania by Christine Leech

Pom poms are not only the cutest thing you can possibly create, but they’re also cheap as chips and seriously simple to master, too. Just be prepared for everyone to eye roll when you’ve covered your entire life in pure pom pom JOY.

Full of floofy creations from the first page to the last, Pompomania (what a great title) shows you how to make everything from decor for your bedroom to teeny tiny trinkets for your friends.

7. Art Therapy: Disney Animals by Catherine Saunier-Talec

If we were going to describe our perfect evening, it’d probably involve sitting in front of a classic Disney movie, armed with a full spectrum of felt tips and a cute colouring book. So why not combine the two to make it extra magical?

Yep, it’s an actual Disney colouring book, filled with beautiful landscapes, delicate patterns and most importantly, all of your favourite and most memorable characters from Bambi to 101 Dalmatians. LOVE.

8. Happy Mail by Eunice Moyle

Not to get all old fashioned on you or anything, but this crafty little book revolves around the art of snail mail. Because let’s be honest, getting a cute card in the post is way better than getting an Insta DM.

Jam-packed with 25 cards and stationery designs, it’ll teach you how to create beautiful and personalised hand-lettering, bright doodles, quirky collage and imaginative illustrations. See ya later, emails.

9. Hello Tokyo: For a Cute, Tokyo-Inspired Lifestyle by Ebony Bizys

A treasure trove full of fun handmade projects, craft queen and blogger extraordinaire Ebony Bizys (aka Hello Sandwich) is here to fill your life with colourful and vibrant Japanese-inspired DIY ideas.

You’ll find instructions for kitting out your bedroom, organising your school supplies, jazzing up your wrapping skills and even customising your own wardrobe. If it’s possible to fall in love with a book, we think it’s gonna happen with this one.

10. Be Mine: 25 Paper Projects to Share the Love by Sally J Shim

If you’re gonna dive head first into this sweet ‘lil project book, expect to emerge covered in candy floss, pink glitter, heart-shaped confetti and all things adorable.

From an XOXO Pop-Up Card to a Love Message in a Bottle, a Heart-Shaped Box, and an ‘I’m Sweet on You’ Lollipop Cover for Valentine’s Day, each design is dead easy to make but has super cute results.

11. My Year In Small Drawings: Notice, Draw, Appreciate by Matilda Tristram

To make your inner artist feel like Christmas has come early, why not take on the mini challenges with this daily drawing inspo guide? Encouraging you to spot the amazing things in everyday life, you’ll build up a visual diary day-by-day and find the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Sketching pretty window frames, passers by and bicycles at bus stops will not only lead to your drawing skills improving A LOT, but you’ll be left with a totally unique look back at the past twelve months.

12. Sew! by Cath Kidston

Ever dreamed of making your own dress? Some trousers? The perfect new top? Sewing your own clothes might seem daunting, but this is a great place to start if you wanna become your own personal fashion designer.

With instructions for everything from bags to clothes, get ready to create a whole new wardrobe for yourself. And yep, it’s all simple enough so that even an absolute beginner can end up with handmade clothes. See you on the catwalk, fancy pants.

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