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We’ve found the ultimate Creme Egg recipes on the internet, and omg guys

Creme Eggs, Creme Eggs everywhere! But one question: how do you eat yours?

Chomp all the way through? Nibble the chocolate and lick the fondant? Three at a time, followed by a little lie-down on the bathroom floor? Or, do you make like the good bloggers of Pinterest and elevate your humble choccy oeuf to something… spectacular.

From piling them on cakes and biscuits to transforming them into pub snacks (no yolks), here are the most incredible things people have done with Creme Eggs…

Scotch Creme Eggs

Because it turns out brownie is the sausagemeat substitute we’ve been waiting for our whole lives.

Creme Egg rocky road

Just because you cba to turn the oven on, it doesn’t mean you can’t blow people’s minds.

Creme Egg cheesecake

Remember the days you got excited about honeycomb? Pah.

Creme Egg and banana pancakes

Next time a fitness fanatic asks if you eat banana and egg protein pancakes, you can smile smugly and say ‘yes’.

Creme Egg layer cake

If you got this for your birthday you wouldn’t even need a present. No wait, we take that back.

Creme Egg mug cake

….and, the realistic one. Four minutes, one mug, maximum Easter joy. We’ve cracked it.


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