VIDEO: How to make Jelly Belly rainbow bark

Wondering what to do with the packet of Jelly Belly beans that were in this month’s bettybox? Why not try this rainbow bark recipe?

You will need:
*200g white chocolate
*Jelly Belly beans and other rainbow sweets
*Gel food dye in your favourite colour
*A tray covered in baking parchment

Melt the chocolate in the microwave in 10 seconds blasts, stirring well between blasts. Pour three quarters on it onto a tray lined with baking parchment. Tilt the tray to spread the chocolate around a little, then scatter over Jelly Belly beans and your rainbow sweets. Leave to set in the fridge for ten minutes.

Take the remaining chocolate (melt it again if you need to) and add a squirt of the food colouring. Mix until the chocolate is dyed, then use a spoon to flick it over the top of the bark. We added some sprinkles at this point, too!

Leave the bark to set completely in the fridge, then break it up into shards.

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