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Weird food combos you need to try ASAP

One of my friends from high school, Bailey, and I had a theory – if you took any two delicious foods and mixed them together you’d create a third, equally, if not delicious food. People were forever trying to trip us up with their suggestions: “Ice cream and ketchup?” they’d ask.

Are you kidding, the sweetness of the ice cream paired with the saltiness of the ketchup? Del-icious,” we’d insist.

One day, our friend Mitch called our bluff. “Orange juice and milk,” he said. We both hesitated. “The orange juice would curdle the milk,” he pointed out, “making it distinctly un-delicious.”

Turns out my friend, Bailey, was more committed to our theory than I was. Either that, or he was more stubborn. Or more stupid. That lunchtime we went to the corner shop and bought a litre of milk and a litre of orange juice. We poured out half the milk and filled it up with orange juice. We passed it around, shaking it violently making the world’s most disgusting cocktail. The milk didn’t curdle, so much as look revolting, which probably wasn’t helped by the fact we’d bought orange juice the bits in. In hindsight, this was an error.

Kudos to Bailey, he tried, he really did. But I don’t really think anyone should try and drink a litre of liquid all in one go. He threw up, of course. Violently, in the gutter.

But it turns out other people have similar theories to ours. People – where else? – on the internet. These are brave modern times, guys – bacon chocolate is no longer radical, salted caramel is basically a standard food group. And while some of these Instagram inventions sound seriously suspect, others sound positively scrumptious.

So aside from milk and orange juice, can two delicious rights ever make a wrong? We’ll leave you to decide with these weird Instagram food combos.

Pickles and prosciutto

I’m loving the alliteration, less keen on the visuals…

Hot dogs, macaroni cheese and Froot Loops

This looks like it might *just* be worth the risk of heart failure… but we don’t have Froot Loops over here, so you’ll never know.

Bacon and cheese on fruit loaf

Bacon, American cheese, on toasted raisin bread. #nom #yum #weirdfoodcombos #sogood #bacon #cheese #raisinbread

A post shared by Alison E Wise (@djalicat) on

This small twist on a classic breakfast dish is really raisin the roof.

Fish fingers and custard

Just some fishfinger and custard #fishfinger #custard #fishfingersandcustard #doctorwho #whovian #eleventhdoctor

A post shared by Whovain-Girl ❤ (@doctor_who_zoe) on

Finish this lot and you’d probably need a different kind of Doctor.

Rice, cottage cheese, banana and chocolate chips

It’s sort of like rice pudding… I guess?

Peanut butter, whipped cream cheese and sweet chilli Popchips

It shouldn’t look so good, and YET. The juxtaposition of smooth and crunchy really takes this one over the edge.

Cheese puffs on pizza

You're not dreaming: this place puts Cheetos on its pizza! 🍕 #cheetospizza #insidercheese

A post shared by INSIDER cheese (@thisisinsidercheese) on

And you thought pineapple on-pizza was gross?

Pancakes with avocado and… stuff

I don’t even really understand what this is, and yet I want it.

Soy sauce ice cream

Where Japanese and Italian cultures collide.

Oreos and orange juice

A bit like a chocolate orange but… soggy? Sure, ok. Why not.

Apples with salt and pepper

Apparently #salt and #pepper on #apples is something people do .it's soooo #DELICIOUS

A post shared by samantha (@s_wam) on

I’ll be honest, I’m not sure why this one offends me so much but it really, really does.

…I might have to text Bailey and revise our theory.


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