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Weird or wonderful? Bubble masks are turning us into human clouds

It’s official: beauty and weather go together like avo and toast. Blake and Ryan. Kanye and Kanye’s ego. Ever since the rainbow revolution saw us all turning our hair technicolour and we started painting sunsets on our eyelids, meteorological phenomenons have been the beauty world’s favourite source of inspo.

Until now it’s all been sunshine and rainbows, but now even gloomy weather is getting a look-in. Because the newest craze to turn up in our bathroom cabinet is the charcoal bubble mask, AKA the mask that turns you into a raincloud.

So there is this new face mask out on the market. from funny

I’ll give you a moment to collect yourself and stop laugh-snorting tea out of your nose before I explain that the bubble mask is Instagram’s latest obsession. They start off like a standard sheet mask, but quickly begin bubbling up on your skin. And bubbling. And bubbling. And bubbling.

Often featuring ‘detoxifying’ charcoal, carbonated masks are meant to be super deep-cleansing, thanks to the ‘purifying power’ of millions of microbubbles all fizzing away on your face. And yes, they make you look like a cloud. Or something you’d find inside your own bellybutton. GLAMOUR.

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