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Weird or wonderful: London now has a cafe where you can eat cookie dough by the scoop

Q: Are you an ice cream miner? You know, a ruthless nugget-nicker. A brownie chunk bandit. One of those people who gouges out all the cookie dough balls from the Ben & Jerry’s and leaves only a tub of miserable boring old vanilla for the next person.

If you are – well firstly, high five, because when it comes to ice cream we fully subscribe to the Hunger Games approach. You snooze you lose, people. But secondly: we have news for you. Amazing news. A cookie dough cafe is coming to the UK.

Any foodie on Instagram worth their (Himalayan pink) salt will have spent the past few months been drooling over the photos from DŌ, New York’s first ever cafe to serve whole scoops of cookie dough AS THOUGH IT WERE ICE CREAM. And finally, finally, we’re getting a slice of the pie on this side of the pond. Except the pie isn’t pie; it’s a pot of pure raw cookie dough.

At the Naked Dough pop-up in Old Street, east London, you can choose between a cup, a cone or a milkshake full of cookie dough, and the menu includes delights such as ‘Unicorn Food’ (that’s marshmallows and sprinkles), ‘Ed Sheeran’ (salted caramel and honeycomb) and ‘Emoji poos’ (chocolate chips, what else). It’s the stuff PMS dreams and dentist nightmares are made of.

‘But wait!’, you cry. ‘Isn’t raw cookie dough dangerous to eat? Was that a LIE my mother invented to stop me polishing off all the unbaked Christmas biscuits?’ Well yes and no. Yes, normal raw biscuit dough with raw eggs in it does run the risk of a seriously dicky stomach – but no, this cookie dough isn’t dangerous because they skip the raw eggs and use specially treated flour. All the squidgy sweetness, none of the salmonella!

Which is everything we want in a snack really, isn’t it?

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