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What to watch this weekend: Before I Fall

It is March, which means spring, which in our heads means frolicking in meadows like Bambi but in reality probably means going out without a jacket to find yourself caught in a biblical downpour two minutes later. BUT before you start cursing at the weather gods, remember there is one upside to rain: you can sit for an hour and a half in a completely dark room during the middle of the day, munching on popcorn, completely free from guilt that you should be out having a rustic picnic or hiking up a hill.

Coincidentally, we have another piece of good news for you: Before I Fall is out at the cinema this weekend. Hmmm, interesting.

Before I Fall is about Sam Kingston, a girl who seems to have the perfect life. Then, one night, her luck changes and she’s forced to live the same day over and over. Stuck reliving this single day, she notices details about her life that make her question if it really was as brilliant as it seemed. Sam begins to realise that a single day can change not only your life, but someone else’s too.

Full disclosure, I read the book this film is based on (you should read it) by Lauren Oliver and loved it. To be honest, Lauren Oliver could probably throw poo at a wall and I would love it. But faeces aside, this story is wonderfully addictive and I cannot WAIT to see the film.

Convinced yet? This ought to do it.


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