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There are four types of people in every group chat – which are you?

In group chat utopia, everyone would send exactly the same amount of messages, and never before 8am or post 11pm. All the messages would be either brief, funny or really important. No one would send 15 single-sentence messages when they could just send a paragraph.

In reality, in every group chat, the same people emerge; the clown, the keen bean, the stirrer and, of course, the lurker. Take our quiz to find out which one you are! Then message the others to tell them, obv.

There are 57 notifications on the group chat. Your reaction is:

It’s time to update your group chat photo. You suggest…

You want to arrange to see Beauty and the Beast this weekend. You:

Your crush just texted asking if you want to meet up. You:

You agree to go on the date. You...

The average length between someone messaging and you replying is:

Your preferred phone is:

Someone on the chat’s annoying you. You…

Your trademark sign off is:

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