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What to watch this weekend: Doctor Who is back!

Doctor Who is back on our screens tonight, and it has all the makings of a brilliant season.

While it’s the first time in a long time that the Doctor has been without Clara, it’s alway cool to have a new companion and to see the series through fresh eyes. And tbh, we’re pretty excited about this one. Bill Potts, played by megababe Pearl Mackie, is the first openly gay companion that the series has featured (Captain Jack was pansexual, sure, but he wasn’t technically a companion).

Plus, Missy is back. The baddy we love to hate. She’s basically the Doctor Who equivalent of the person you stalk on Instagram just to make you angry, and we’re completely here for it.

What else? Matt Lucas is coming along for the ride! There’ll probably be Daleks at some point. Maybe there’s even potential for some will-they-wont-they between Missy and Bill, which could make things veeeery interesting. And, as it’s probably Peter Capaldi’s last series as The Doctor, we might get a regeneration scene to weep over too. Fire up the TARDIS, we’re on board.

Catch Doctor Who tonight on BBC1, 7:20pm

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