What to watch this weekend: Freaky Friday

Look, this weekend has been all about dads thus far, so we thought we’d tip things on their head a bit. Let’s talk about mums. Specifically, what would the world look like if you and your mum switched bodies in the middle of the night? There would probably be screaming. A lot of screaming.

In the classic 00s comedy Freaky Friday, rebellious 15-year-old Anna (Lindsay Lohan) and her uptight mum Tess (Jamie Lee Curtis) wake up to find themselves in each other’s bodies and have to try and work out how to switch back. It’s funny, awkward and strangely thought-provoking.

Watch it on Sunday night on ITV2 at 6:05pm. Mother-daughter TV dinner, anyone?

P.S. Look past the weirdly low quality trailer. This movie is amazing.

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