What to watch this weekend: Orange is the New Black is BACK

Guess who’s back, back again? Orange Is This New Black is back, tell a friend.

(And when you do tell your mates about this, I would massively appreciate it if you neglected to mention that I tried to squeeze an extra four syllables into the chorus of Eminem’s ‘Without Me’ just to make a point. Cheers, babes.)

The new season of OITNB will pick up where the last one left off; after Poussey died at the hands of one of the Litchfield prison guards, the other inmates began to rise up against the guards as a #BlackLivesMatter campaign spread throughout the prison. The season opens with Daya pointing a gun at one of the guards, so it looks like we’re headed straight back into the drama…

The new season is available on Netflix now. And we’re so impatient to get stuck in, you bet we’ll be skipping that long-ass intro.


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