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Why Women Who Draw is our fave new website

We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but at betty we kinda love illustrators. Maybe it’s because most of us couldn’t draw a stick figure without cocking it up. But more likely, it’s because there are just so many ridic talented illustrators out there and we want to tattoo our entire bodies with their beautiful drawings. Or at least tattoo our site with their gorgeous artwork.

However, there are so many illustrators out there and so little time to stalk all of their individual Instagram accounts… which is why we love Women Who Draw so much.

A vast directory of amazing female pro illustrators, WWD focuses on illustrators of colour, the LBGT+ community and other minority groups who traditionally might find they don’t get the same opportunities as their privileged counterparts.

Sazan Pasori @s_a_z_a_n_

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Great idea right? So great that the site crashed after only a few days of being up. Founders Wendy MacNaughton and Julia Rothman didn’t quite anticipate that their site would generate SIX MILLION page views in its first three days (we swear, only 1000 or so were us), but it did.

“We had to close submissions because we were overwhelmed. We received 1200 submissions in 24 hours,” said Ms Rothman, the submissions were coming in from all over the world – Iran, Brazil, Argentina and South Africa.

Bodil Jane @bodiljane

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But don’t panic, they re-launched in January (with a bigger server this time) and now have over 700 members who use the site to showcase their gorgeous work. Some of our faves are Milou Trouwborst, a dutch illustrator who does beautiful pencil illustrations and Kate Pugsley, a Chicago based illustrator who’s paintings regularly appear in Flow magazine.

Soooo, if anyone wants us we’ll be spending the next 2-4 hours adding illustrations to our Pinterest board. Okay byyyyyeeeee.

Header image: instagram/thewomenwhodraw, featuring: @merylrowin, @cinta_arribas, @anjareponen, @shareneashley, @miredondemires, @eshakespeare

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