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YOLO, gender-fluid and cheeseball are all now officially in the dictionary

English is a complicated language. It is constantly evolving; abandoning some words like ‘doth’ and ‘Myspace’ and adopting new ones, like… well, over 1000 of them.

In fact, about 1200 new words and phrases have been included in the latest print edition of the Oxford English Dictionary. Some of them are rather useful and some of them are pretty damn weird.


Zac Efron can breathe a sigh of relief. It turns out his tattoo wasn’t quite as awful an idea as we once thought. YOLO – which stands for ‘you only live once,’ and is essentially a modern day ‘carpe diem’ (it’s Latin, Google it) – earned its way into the online dictionary two years ago, and now it’s in the proper paper version too, it looks as though everyone’s favourite one-size-fits-all excuse is here to stay.


Woo hoo! The OED is taking a progressive step forward this year and adding ‘gender-fluid’ to the dictionary. All those who don’t identify with a single fixed gender, this one’s for you.


Meaning ‘someone or something lacking taste, style or originality’. Or, you know, a delicious breaded and deep-fried cheese snack.


One of the rumoured names for Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold’s new baby. Fine, that might be a lie. It’s actually when Pilates exercises are combined with yoga’s breathing techniques to create an ultra-zen, core-strengthening hybrid workout (but maybe Blake will throw it in the ring, you never know).


A phrase made famous by Joey Tribbiani in Friends, this one’s a US colloquialism associated especially with New York and New Jersey. Loosely it means, ‘Rach, you dropped some cheesecake on the floor? Fuhgeddaboudit.’

Or, grab a fork and dig in. YOLO.

Joey, Rachel and Chandler eating cheesecake off the floor

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