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11 of the snazziest sunglasses on the high street (because you can never have enough)

Let’s be honest, you probably need some new sunglasses. Those three pairs you bought last summer are either cracked because you sat on them, scratched from rolling around in your beach bag, or just lost forever in the big accessories vacuum in the sky. It’s a rite of passage, choosing your new pair the moment the weather hots up – and they mean that even if you’re still wearing the same jeans and t-shirt as last week (and even if you know that it’s 100% going to start raining the moment you actually put them on), your face is shouting “SUMMER IS HERE, BABY”.

Anyway, here are 11 of the snazziest on the high street right now.

One of your five a day

Pineapple print retro sunglasses, £4.50, Claire’s

You don’t have to be living under the sea to appreciate the pure, 100 per cent juicy joy of these sunnies. They literally ARE summer, with pineapples on, and at a sweet £4.50 are almost cheaper than the fruit itself. Fashion authority Spongebob Square Pants would approve.

Seeing spots

Round Retro Cheetah Ombre Sunglasses, £10, Claire’s

For that seamless blend of fun and finesse, look no further than these feline beauties. They’ll set you back more than the pineapples, but they’re class enough to justify it, serving as well for a casual vibe as they do for a slick one. Move over leopard print; it’s time for the cheetah’s day in the sun.

Glamazon style

Camel sunglasses, £24.99, H&M

Who knew camels could be sexy? Not I – but this even-toed ungulate (look it up) has given its name to some sunglasses. Or maybe it’s the colour; either way they are LUSH, provided that hump of yours has £24.99 stashed inside it. If it doesn’t – fear not. We’ve tracked down an almost identical pair in Accessorize for half the price.


Glittery sunglasses, £8.99, H&M

It takes a certain type of person to wear glittery plastic sunglasses with lids on (LIDS) but if you are that person, take one for all of us and get these discotastic bobby-dazzlers. Exactly when you put the lids down remains a mystery, but it does lend a whole new dimension to the act of giving shade.

Crystal clear

Mila Clear flat top sunglasses, £12, Accessorize

At the other end of the scale, these sunglasses are as low-key cool as you can get without shunning sunnies entirely: clear frame, coloured mirror lense and – unusual for cheapsy sunglasses – UV protected, too.

Round round, baby

Augusta Round Sunglasses, £12, Accessorize

Those in the know tell us round and retro is still all the rage when it comes to sunglasses this season. We warn you that this shape is not for everyone (oh beware, ye round of face) but looks pretty fleek if your face is right for it. These don’t have UV protection, but they do come with a free protective pouch. Score.

Rainbow connection

Lolly Rounds Sunglasses, £12, Topshop

Sure they aren’t so colourful from behind the lens as they are from the front, but if you’re looking to take the whole retro, round thing to a new level, these are the ticket. Who says you need rain to sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow too?

Straight to the point

’90s Pointy Polly Sunglasses, £20, Topshop

There’s something of the Rita Skeeter about these cat-eye shades, but in a good way: they’re smart, sassy and not thrown off the scent easily. We’re still looking for the self-writing pen…

Mirror, mirror

Mirrored visor sunglasses, £3, Primark

One the one hand, these shiny shiny mirrored sunnies double up nicely as a portable, um, mirror. On the other, once the person you are talking to clocks onto this, there is a high chance they will be more preoccupied with looking at themselves looking at you than they will looking at you. Big fan of the visor style though.

Heart to heart

Mirrored Heart Sunglasses, £12, Urban Outfitters

Blue, mirrored, heart shaped AND retro, these beauties from Urban Outfitters are to sunglasses what a trifle is to puddings: they’ve a little bit of everything, they’re seriously sweet… and they’re not for everyone.

Style at a pinch

Lobster sunnies, £8, Cath Kidston

Ok so TECHNICALLY, these are for kids. But frankly, if we can these kooky crustacean-covered creations onto our faces, we’ll be doing so – because like them or loathe them, lobsters are now a serious thing.


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