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20 of the best mermaid accessories to give you all the summer vibes

It totally makes sense that you’d spend your life wishing you were a mermaid. They never have to wear uncomfortable skinny jeans, they never have periods (they’re missing a fairly important component), they have constantly perfect hair despite being underwater, and they don’t ever need to worry about shaving their legs. Sigh. It’s the dream.

But unless a mystical sea witch is on the horizon, waiting to steal your voice and change your fishy fate forever, then the chances are that you’re probably stuck on land and with legs for the foreseeable. Not to worry though, because mermaid is the ultimate trend this summer, and we’ve rounded up a whole load of mer-mazing accessories that will help make all of your underwater dreams come true.

You want thingamabobs? We’ve got 20!

1. Anything iridescent is essential to help channel your mermaid vibes

But especially when it’s a bag as dreamy and shiny as this one.

Iridescent shell cross body bag, £30, SkinnyDip

2. Go to your sea bed in these seriously awesome pyjamas

Snuggle down and get NetFish on… (sorry, that was really bad wasn’t it?)

Nicole mermaid short & tee PJ set, £12, Boohoo

3. A cute cap is always a good option

For those days when your hair isn’t quite up to Ariel levels of Disney princess hair.

Mermaid embroidered washed cap, £12, Topshop

4. We promise that no mermaids were harmed in the making of this tail scales makeup bag.

Sequins are probably a less fishy option, anyway.

Mermaid sequin makeup bag, £7.99, New Look at ASOS

5. Make a sea-inspired style statement

Go on, customising your denim with whozits and whatzits galore.

Mermaid Shell Woven Patch, £3, Punky Pins

6. Don’t tell us you’ve left your purple shell bikini top and green fishtail at home?

Sigh, maybe opt for slogan swimwear instead.

I’d Rather Be A Mermaid Swimsuit, £29.99, InTheStyle

7. Even mermaids need to stay hydrated y’know

But it’s a lot easier when you’re drinking from a sassy shell-shaped sipper.

Shell Sipper, £10, Urban Outfitters

8. Feet are kind of a luxury in the mer-world, so you should probably treat ‘em with respect

Treasure your tootsies by investing in some summery iridescent sliders.

Mermaid Iridescent Slider Flat Sandals, £20, The White Brand

9. It’s not always better down where it’s wetter…

But in this mac, rainy days on land could be almost as fun as a life in the ocean.

Freya Holographic Mermaid Rain Mac, £30, Boohoo

10. Rep your real identity all the way down to your undies.

How great are these mer-mazing pastel print knickers?

Blue Slogan Brief Shorts, £4.99, New Look

11. I washed up like this?

Maybe with a little bit of help from this set of mermaid makeup brushes, literally called The Glam Clam.

The Glam Clam, £60, Spectrum

12. This sea-goddess scent is mer-mazing…

Just drop this glitter wax melt in the top of your oil burner to smell the juicy tropical scent.

Mermaid Scent Melt, £1.50, Scent Circus

13. Pugs with glittery fish tails? Count us in.

Thank you, The Internet. You always understand our needs.

Pug Mermaid Enamel Pin, £8, Etsy

14. Investing in fishy friendship bracelets is pretty much the best idea ever.

Don’t be shellfish.

Mermaid Bracelet, £5, Topshop

15. If anyone’s ever told you that you drink tea like a fish, then it miiiight be because mermaids are your distant ancestors

Just sayin’.

99% Mermaid Handmade Earthenware Cup, £15, NotOnTheHighStreet

16. Ariel was pretty desperate for some feet, so we’re guessing she would have lost it over these

Scaly never looked so pretty.

Womens Glitter Mermaid Socks, £3.50, Topshop

17. Looking for somewhere to stash your lobster tails, anemone crisps and totally fancy sushi?

Wait, do mermaids eat their fish friends? Can someone please check?

Mermazing Mermaid Snack Boxes, £8, Paperchase

18. A mermaid just isn’t a true mermaid unless she’s covered in glitter

It’s kinda like fish scales, but way less hassle.

In Your Dreams Chunky Iridescent Mermaid Glitter, £5.50, ASOS

19. Perfect for heading off on your holidays, but watch out for sea witches who might wanna steal your voice.

It could get complicated.

Cream Embroidered Straw Hat, £10, River Island

20. And last but not least, have you ever wanted anything more than this giant inflatable clam?

It’s basically your destiny.

Mermaid Shell Pool Float, $86.00, Urban Outfitters

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