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6 unreal Depop upcyclers you need to follow

So everyone knows that Depop is the best way to bag yourself a bargain (and to make a quick buck if your wardrobe is packed with AW15’s finest), but it’s also a frankly amazing place to discover some seriously talented customisers. If you want to make sure your wardrobe is 100% unique and support some amazing artists at the same time, check out this little lot.

Solo Stitch Clothing 

The inspiring artists behind the sweet sewn items on sale at Solo Stitch design, customise and embroider tees and sweats with pretty and minimal images. From Picasso-style faces to constellations to all kindsa flowers, this seller will stitch pretty much whatever you want onto whatever colour top you want – and they’ll crop it too (if you want!) What else could you want?! Their vintage stash is worth a peep, and all.

Lady Jahooli

Lady Jahooli describes herself as a “Corduroy enthusiast, garment artist and moon child” and that sums up her aesthetic just right. She sells a mix of vintage gems and upcycled treasures, and she’s currently on a witchy tip, adding sun, moon and stars prints to Levi mom jeans and shorts. She also adds mad patches to oversize shirts and hand paints vintage raincoats for an incredible festival vibe. Jahooli, we’re loving your work.

Soul & Flare

Nottingham-based Soul & Flare has a passion for sustainable fashion. They custom-dye perfect cut-offs, make oversize tees in fantastic florals and patch denim off-cuts into one-off flares in their studio. Lucky for us, they then put them up for sale on Depop so we can all get in on the action. Find out more on their gorgeous Insta.

Button Eyed Bunny

If a bit of Lolita kitsch is more your thing, you need to check out this li’l bunny, who adds lace, ruffles, frills, embroidery and pastels to anything she can get her hands on. Tops faves are a great grey marl sweater embroidered with the word “Happy” and a teeny-tiny bee; skinny jeans with adorable crochet heart patches on the knees; and lace-trimmed bloomers that are basically essential for any kind of cosplay. Kawaii!

Poms and other tings!

There’s not much this lady won’t stick a pompom on. From earrings to hairbands to bobbles to bag charms, Flo Pom Pom has a pom to suit your mood. In fact, if you send her a pic of an outfit, she will custom-make you pom pom accessories to match. Put a pom on it.

Taylor Rose 

This shop’s main thing is jackets, upcycled with gorgeously glittering patches of Indian embroidery, heaps of fringing, tassels and ribbons for a ttly incredible look. Some of the stuff for sale features shimmering screen printed vaginas, so it’s right up betty’s rue.

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