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Style reasons you need to take things back to the 90s

If you weren’t there you’re going to have to trust us on this one, but the 90s was pretty much the best decade of all time. Britney and the Spice Girls ruled the world, Sabrina The Teenage Witch was every girl’s dream BFF and the Backstreet Boys were the only cassette single you needed (99p from Woolworths, kids) – but best of all, the 90’s style and fashion was categorically awesome.

While we’re pretty glad that a lot of things have moved on since then (y’know, like the invention of the internet), the high street is currently all kinds of obsessed with 90s fashion, and we could not be more excited about it.

Ok so maybe the Baby Space platform trainers and dark brown lip liner belong firmly in the past, but here’s a whole heap of style proof that you need to take things back to the 90s in your own 2010s wardrobe. Girl powerrr *peace sign*.


Scrunchies - 90's style is back!

AKA, the coolest uncool hair accessory ever created. They used to strictly belong on a scraped back, school-ready ponytails, but these days celebs like Selena Gomez and big designers like Marc Jacobs have brought them back in the best, edgiest way possible.

Scrunchies, New Look, £3.99


Chokers - 90's style is back for 2017

The only accessory you needed in the 90s made a mega comeback at last year’s Coachella festival, and isn’t disappearing any time soon. It’s officially the new flower crown, don’tcha know. For extra cool points, layer up and mix and match your chockers with different materials, sizes and pendants (or you could even make your own).

Shoe lace choker, Monki, £8

Locket choker, Monki, £6

Slip dresses

90's style slip dresses

Slip dresses are actually a genius invention. Not only are they super cute when layered over a t-shirt and trainers for ultimate 90s vibes, but you can also wear them on their own for a more party-ready look. Effortless.

Satin Black Dress, Missguided, £22

Nude Faux Leather Dress, Missguided, £22


Velvet - 90's style clothes

For some reason, the 90s was aaall about taking inspiration from your Nan’s best armchair and adding a bit of crushed velvet into your wardrobe – and now it’s back in a big way. All your favourite high street shops are swimming in velvet tees, velvet dresses and velvet jackets right now, so prepare to not be able to stop stroking your own arms when you get dressed.

Lace velvet bodysuit, Pull and Bear, £17.99

Velvet t-shirt, Pull and Bear, £17.99

Mom jeans 

90's style mom jeans

Legs fed up of being trapped in a skinny denim prison? That’s lucky, ‘cos you can swap them out for mom jeans according to the 90s style bible. They were the jean of choice for middle aged women back in the day, but the super comfy, high waisted, flat-bum shape suddenly looks amazing in 2017, paired with a slogan tee.

Patch Mom jeans, Pull and Bear, £35.99

Plain Mom Jeans, Daisy Street, £29.99

Crop tops 

90's style crop tops

And once you’ve sorted yourself out with some mom jeans, try pairing the high waisted shape with a cropped tee. It’s a look that’s relaxed, comfy and casual, but still somehow manages to be super edgy and stylish. Plus now the temperature’s in double figures, you don’t need to worry about keeping your kidneys warm. Result.

Roll sleeve crop top, Missguided, £6

Grey halter neck, Urban Outfitters, £16

Baseball caps 

90's style baseball caps

We’re partially gonna blame Kylie Jenner for this one, but thanks to her and the Kardashians never being seen without one these days, baseball caps are literally everywhere again. Suits us nicely, because it means just shoving a hat on instead of actually doing your hair. No batting practice required.

Distressed denim cap, New Look, £9.99 

Pink Velvet Cap – New Look, £7.99

Double denim 

90's style double denim

Maybe the most iconic 90s fashion moment saw Britney Spears and then-bae Justin Timberlake arriving on the red carpet in matching, head-to-toe double (maybe even quadruple?) denim outfits. If you’ve never seen it, Google it and marvel. It took a while for the trend to recover after that, but doubling up your denim is officially cool again now – as long as, top tip, they’re slightly different shades.

Denim shirt, ASOS, £28

What are you waiting for? Time to make your wardrobe a 90s time machine.


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