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Obviously we can’t afford Alexa Chung’s fashion line, so here are the best lookalikes

In case you missed it because you had more important things to focus on – the periodic table, or what the conch symbolises in Lord of the Flies – Alexa Chung launched her first very own fashion line the other week. We sat, like all the other style mavens across the world, refreshing our browsers, waiting to see what the queen of cool had created.

The verdict? We have many feelings. Some enchanted, some confused, some fully heart-eye emoji. The eccentric details! The interesting textures! The fact she’s put a child’s drawing of George Harrison from The Beatles on a sweatshirt! But mainly, our overriding reaction was “HOW MUCH?”

Because we can’t afford anything. Of course we can’t. The cheapest item is a £70 t-shirt, the most expensive is a sequinned maxi dress that costs a casual £1,195 (Alexa KERCHUNG more like! Amirite?). And so, as a public service, we’ve been out hunting for the best high street and online lookalikes, all for less than £50.

The pinstripe dungarees

We knew we could bank on Alexa to teach us the secret of chic dungas (Chungas?), but we never expected to find the perfect copycat pair at La Redoute, the sensible French brand your mum likes. Score.

Striped jumpsuit, £49, La Redoute

The Love/Hate t-shirt

We have nothing but love for Alexa’s retro tee, but your allowance might not feel the same. So spread good vibes with Nasty Gal’s £15 number instead.

Girls Graphic Tee, £15, Nasty Gal

The ditsy floral ruffle blouse

Dare we suggest that Mango’s floaty hippie peasant blouse is actually nicer than the £265 version? We dare. But don’t, like, tell Alexa.

Ruffle printed blouse, £35.99, Mango

The lilac pinafore dress

Ok so Topshop’s version isn’t shiny PVC with frills – but are you really sad about that? Thought not.

Lilac pinafore dress, £36, Topshop

The Saturn ring

Alexa’s sold-out planetary bling has been a stratospheric success… but frankly Snikt and Bamf’s beautiful solar system necklace could run rings around it. And it’ll save you £90.

Solar system necklace, £25, Snikt and Bamf

The little red dress

Thoughtful Alexa designed a stretchy dress for ‘lunches which involve pasta’. And thoughtful ASOS made a v similar one for £25, so you can also afford the pasta.

Shirred sundress, £25, ASOS Curve

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