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The best so-bad-they’re-good Christmas earrings on the high street

Christmas isn’t Christmas without earrings. The sort of loud, garishly glittery earrings that will make your teacher’s lip curl, your nan’s nose flare and your ears the most happening places in town. But let’s face it, you don’t want to spend more than a tenner.

So because ’tis the season to be cheap and cheerful, here are some of the best/worst you’ll find on the high street this yuletide.


Less Christmas kitsch, more Christmas cool seems to be Toppers’ vibe this year, with stylish takes on the ol’ classics: holly, reindeer antlers and baubles. What’s more, they are decidedly cheaper than one might expect: just 7 to 9 doubloons per pair. Perfect for injecting some festive jolly into your uniform without drawing too much attention from the Scrooge of the staff room.



Jingle All The Way, Topshop, £7

Holly Days


Holly Days, Tophop, £7



Christmas Baubles, Topshop, £9


Okay, so they aren’t technically earrings. But where there are Brussels Sprout head boppers, there will be a dedicated betty journalist fighting for their right to exist – and your right to wear them. Easily the best use of Brussels sprouts we’ve ever seen. Including eating them.

Sprouting Up


Brussel Sprouts, Accessorize, £4

New Look

We all want some of these figgy pudding earrings from New Look – and at £2.99 a pud, we all can. Except if you are of the view, shared by many, that Christmas pudding is a lumpen crime against the name of pudding, listen up: hear those sleigh bells jingling? Ring-ting-tingling? That’s because there are reindeer earrings, complete with a bell, at the exact same price, for you.

Pudding, anyone? 


Christmas Pudding, New Look, £2.99

Pom-poms and sleigh bells and glitter, oh my!  


Silver Reindeers, New Look, £2.99


It will come as a surprise to no one that Claire’s is the home of all things Christmas novelty, from Chrimbo lights earrings to Santa Claus’ face and big red behind, with a whole range of stud selection packs (snowmen, snowflakes, mittens, stockings) in between. This place is where Christmas kitsch is both born and goes to die – and we love it from the bottom of our glitter covered, sequin filled plastic hearts.

Snow much cuteness


Holiday Snowman, Claire’s, £5.50

Santa ball-balls 

Santa Balls, Claire’s, £4.50

Tree Drops 


Spiral Tree Drops, Claire’s, £4.50

Light ’em up 


Christmas Lights, Claire’s, £5

Back to Front


Mix ‘n’ Match, Claire’s, £3.50


Well, whodathunk it? Sensible old Marks and Sparks has Christmas earrings! Classy ones, it’s true, next to the likes of Claire’s and New Look, but Christmas earrings nonetheless – and for only a fiver. You might even persuade your mum to wear them (after a sherry or two.)

Don’t get in a flap 


Penguin Earrings, Marks and Spencer, £5


It’s a stretch to call these ‘Christmas’ earrings – they’re autumnal, if we’re being particular – but we’ll allow them because they are a) quite beautiful and b) remarkably cheap. One for lunch with Granny perhaps: save the sleigh bells for the girls.

They’re golden


Leaf earrings, H&M, £6.99

Dorothy Perkins

Good old Dotty P’s. Christmas has barely begun and they’ve already put their glittery christmas bauble earrings on offer. We’re big fans of the gold, but at £3 a pair you could go totally wild and get red and green too. 

Deck the lobes


Tinsel Earrings, Dorothy Perkins, £3.20

Go on, put your best ear forward. There’s a time for simple studs, and that is January.


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