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The very best Christmas jumpers on the high street

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat… it’s time to put on a tacky jumper and a bobble hat.

Ok, so the bobble hat may be overkill, but at betty we believe there’s no such thing as having too many Christmas jumpers (Lauren has four). Everyone knows there’s a sliding scale of Christmas jumpery, ranging from the hilariously fugly to grandmother-approved to absolutely beautiful; and our round-up has them all. Scroll and sigh, guys.

Feline the Christmas spirit

If Taylor Swift was a Christmas jumper, she would look exactly like this.


Cat Jumper, Topshop, £36

Have a very beary Christmas

Classy, right? But if you look really closely at the polar bears, you can see they’re wearing scarves. This is the sort of joyful detail that takes a good Christmas jumper and turns it into a great one.


Polar Bears, Primark, £14

A date with Destiny 

This jumper combines two of the purest joys on the planet: Destiny’s Child and puns. In it, Christmas is sure to be booty-licious – by which we mean the piles of booty under the tree.


Sleigh my name, BooHoo, £15

On the nose

If there was ever a day to embrace the sequin trend that is currently bedazzling the high street, surely this is it.


Reindeer, New Look, £14.99

Carrot top

This is the ideal jumper for cuddling up next to the fire with a hot water bottle in one hand and a hot choc in the other. Maximum cosiness: unlocked.


Snowman Jumper, Primark, £12

Snow Worries

Guys. There’s a sloth. Wearing ear warmers. We have hit peak Christmas jumper.


Sloth Jumper, H&M, £14.99

When Beliebers become believers

2015 was the year we all became Beliebers. Maybe 2016 should be the year we all become believers again…? Ok, it was a long shot.


Believers, Monki, £20

Oh, deery me

If you can get over the fact that the reindeers on the sleeves look like they have six legs, then this is the perfect jumper for you.


Reindeers, Primark, £14

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