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Betty Buy: Get 5 Kiko nail polishes for £5

If your nail polish collection looks anything like ours, at least 30% of your nail polishes are all cracked and dried out because, well… let’s be real, it’s really boring and really hard to put the lids back on properly with wet nails.

So if your nail wardrobe is in need of a refresh, take a deep breath (somewhere away from the nail polish fumes) because Kiko’s all over it. The brand currently has an amazing promotion running where you can buy five of their nail polishes for £5. Spring is (apparently) just around the corner, so how’s about a different pastel on each finger tip? #nailedit.

All you have to do is pick five from the Nail Lacquer or Quick Dry Nail Lacquer collections, either in store or online, and when you get to the till, you’ll only have to hand over a fiver.

*High five*

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