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bettybuy: Pull & Bear’s multi-patch denim jacket

The spring weather is a fickle beast. One minute it’s all sunshine and smiles, the next minute it’s thrown a level-three tantrum and decided to freeze all the trusting folks who left the house with bare shoulders to death.

This is where the denim jacket comes in. It’s not a coat, so you don’t have that February feeling. But you can also wear it over a jumper if you need to do some good ol’ fashioned layering – and if you go for a jazzed-up embellished one, it looks like a style statement rather than just the jacket your mum made you bring ‘in case’.

This patched denim jacket from Pull & Bear fits the bill perfectly, plus, it’s so freaking cool. Meanwhile, you’ll be warm.

Denim jacket, £59.99, Pull & Bear


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