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betty buy: saltwater spray for beach-perfect waves

Want to get that ‘just gone to the beach and now my hair looks tousled and wavy completely naturally’, but y’know, it’s Britain and even if you did near live the beach it’s way too cold to actually *go* swimming? Well, we’ve got just the thing.

John Frieda’s Bleach Blonde Sea Waves sea salt spray is the definitive cult classic because it’s cheap, effective and it smells like a dream – but it can be a little hard to track down. We did find some on Amazon here. But if you are scanning the aisles of Superdrug trying to work out which one to pick up, try Toni & Guy’s casual sea salt texturising spray. Apply it from root to tip on towel dried hair and work through with your fingers to created the perfect beachy look.

See, beachy waves without the hassle of having to convince your parents to move to the South of France. Parfait!

Casual sea salt spray, £8.25, Toni & Guy

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