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betty buys: the glitter kit to turn you into a beautiful disco space alien

Glitter is everywhere right now. And not just because you spilled a pot on the carpet and it’s impossible to hoover.

Maybe it’s because designers sent sparkling eyes, lips, faces and limbs down the catwalks at fashion week, maybe it’s an homage to the late David Bowie, maybe it’s because a face full of glitter feels like the perfect antidote to all that nude-lipped Jenner perfection… or maybe it’s just because the world is dreary, we all need a cheer-up and there ain’t no quicker fix for your mood than turning yourself into a human disco ball. Whatever the reason, suddenly everyone is feeling the otherworldly unicorn/mermaid/sparkly space alien vibe.

Gif of Lauren from betty using Star Star Dust product
Lauren’s glitter handiwork

And in that spirit, here’s the betty buy making us full-on swoon this week: the Stardust kit from Beauty Boulevard (£12.50). So ridiculously easy to use that you could probably manage it on the bus, in school loo or in a tent (all life’s most crucial glitter opportunities!), the kit contains a tube of binding gel, a pot of showstopping glitter and a dinky little brush to dab it on with.

We’re partial to a glittered cheekbone (here’s our speedy step-by-step ) but it also looks aces on your shoulders, on your forehead and along your parting, like magical starry dandruff. In the best possible way.

Even better, £2 from the sale of every pack in ‘Babylon Zoo’, a properly perky lilac-pink, goes to CoppaFeel! to help raise awareness and funds for the breast cancer charity’s amazing work. Founded by supershero Kris, who was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 23, CoppaFeel!’s mission is clear: get girls checking their boobs. Like, now.Lily and Lauren

So what better cause could there possibly be to glitter up, cop a feel of your own Babylons and help keep the party going? After all, like the meme (almost) says: always be yourself. Except when you can be a unicorn/mermaid/sparkly space alien, in which case… you know what to do.

Stardust Festival Glitter Kit, £12.50 from Beauty Boulevard



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