betty buys: Littlesmith personalised necklaces

It seems that at least 50% of the world’s population is born in the months of September and October. The entire two months pass by in a haze of birthday cake and stress over trying to locate the perfect gift. A book? A witty mug? An overpriced, yet adorable, tiny cactus?

Well, breathe easy, because we’ve found the ideal birthday gift!

Introducing our latest love interest: Littlesmith.

Littlesmith is a jewellery company that specialises in necklaces. And not just your run-of-the-mill, stock standard necklaces but personalised necklaces. Because what says ‘I’m an awesome friend who values your friendship’ more than than a personalised necklace?

A personalised necklace that has been hand freakin’ stamped, that’s what.

You could get their name, a feminist slogan or (very short) haiku – it’s totally up to you!

The team at Littlesmith were nice enough to send us one at betty and after a lot of squabbling, we’ve decided to share it.

(Today’s my day and I’m smiling like a lunatic at the computer right now).

You can pick one up for a friend (or yourself), on their website or head to their pop-up in Topshop on Oxford Circus. For a necklace like ours, it will set you back £19. And if that’s still more than you can stretch to, we think it’s definitely spesh enough to go halvsies.


Standard bar necklace, Littlesmith, £19

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