bettybuy: Monki’s spring-tastic floral wrap dress

If you’re looking for a dress that says ‘Oh hey there sunshine!’ but also says, ‘I can wear you with tights in case the weather turns because let’s face it, it’s way too warm for April and we’re all too nervous to put our coats away because we think we might jinx this entire thing’ – we’ve got the dress for you.

We know, Miranda, we know.

But, bear with us – this is an intermediate floral. It’s a floral for spring and summer and autumn and even winter, if you’re creative about it. This is a perennial floral. A year-round floral. An evergreen dress, if you will. Wear it with boots or trainers or sandals – or (please, please don’t let us jinx it) bare feet.

Floral wrap dress, £35, Monki


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