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Crafty ways to tart up your room, courtesy of Pinterest

I’m going to say the thing that no one ever says. One of those things that we all think, but no one ever dares say because it sounds ungrateful and spoiled. Sometimes, holidays are boring. Obviously, the first day is AMAZING and you sleep in as late as possible to celebrate your freedom. The second day you head into town with your mates to grab a Starbucks and poke around the shops not buying anything. The third day you wander around the house a bit aimlessly, maybe you bake a cake or decide to go on a run. But by the fourth day, things can start getting a little, well… boring. I know. Truth bomb.

But that’s where some DIYing crafting comes in! We’ve scoured the internet for some of the best crafty projects to keep you busy this Easter break. Because what’s the alternative, homework? Pfft.

1. Under-shelf storage

Under Shelf Storage Ideas: Pinterest Bedroom Ideas

If you’re meant to be revising, why not procrastinate a bit and jazz up your study area with this tutorial from Apartment Therapy? Everyone knows that a tidy desk = tidy mind. It’s science, guys.

2. Letter board 

Lightboxes are *so* last year, now it’s all about letter boards that you’d find in old school cinemas and retro diners. But a lot of the time they come with a pretty hefty price tag, so we are loving Brit + Co’s tutorial on how to make your own.

Letter Board: Pinterest Bedroom Ideas

3. Dipped stools 

Want more pastel in your life? Who doesn’t. This tutorial from Style Me Pretty uses IKEA stools as an example, but you could do this with pretty much any wooden furniture.

Dipped Stools: Pinterest Bedroom Ideas

4. Cushion covers

Not sure you’re ready to commit to painting your furniture? NBD, why not try painting some cushion covers using these instructions from Lonny. You can paint patterns, words or even some boobies if you so fancy.

Cushion Covers: Pinterest Bedroom Ideas

5. Flip Photo Album 

Can’t decide what photos of your squad to put on display? The brilliant people over at Sugar & Cloth have you covered with their flip photo album. So now you don’t have to obsess about finding a the ‘perfect’ photo – you can have them all!

Flip photo album: Pinterest Bedroom Ideas

6. Laptop case

If you bought a whole heap of patches intending to stick them on your jeans but chickened out at the last moment (*raises hand*), don’t worry, we’ve found a way to put them to good use. A Beautiful Mess used them to customise a laptop case and we are totally on board.

Decorate your Laptop Case: Pinterest Bedroom Ideas

7. Patch chair 

Or, if you’re feeling a little more daring, you can tackle an entire chair like the brilliant folks over at Studio DIY.

Create a Patch Chair: Pinterest Bedroom Ideas

8. Calendar chair 

Sure, we’re already four months into the year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t decide to make a nice calendar now. This one from Sugar & Cloth is useful for um… revision and er, keeping track of… things. Ok, fine, we mainly want it because it looks pretty, which is a perfectly legitimate reason too.

Create a Calendar Chair: Pinterest Bedroom Ideas

9. Laundry baskets

Laundry is boring and smelly, but with these DIY graphic baskets from Studio DIY, it’s never looked prettier. Plus, who would pass up an opportunity to have more puns in their life? If you started selling them to the rest of your family, you could definitely clean up.

Laundry Baskets: Pinterest Bedroom Ideas


10. Pin board 

Before Pinterest, there were pin boards. And annoyingly, they always looked a bit drab until you had to the time to fill them up completely. But the clever people over at Houzz have solved this problem with their tutorial on how to make pin boards look stylish and it’s blissfully simple.

Make a Pin Board: Pinterest Bedroom Ideas

See! Board – not bored.


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Image: @LilyPesch

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