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Pom poms for days! Our favourite pom pom-adorned clothes on the high street

This spring might be my favourite season for fashion ever. “Really,” you cry, “even with the window jeans?!” I know, I know, they’re ridiculous. “What about the peach hair?!” I hear you say. Look I’ll be honest with you, if my hairdresser hadn’t emphatically (and repeatedly) told me I would look awful with peach hair, I’d be rocking it right now.

These things aside, this is finally the season where my natural tendency to dress like an overgrown five year old is actually in fashion.Gingham is in. There are florals for days. And pom poms are finally cool!

To celebrate, here’s a round-up of our fave pom pom picks on the high street. How cheering.


If we were taking bets on what people were going to be wearing at Coachella this year, this would be at the top of our list.

Pom pom mirror swing dress, £38, ASOS

Or maybe this one…

Maxi dress with lace inserts and pom poms, £38, ASOS

That’s what we’re tasselling about

Frilled sleeves, mesh fabric and pom poms.. this top is so on point it hurts. You can wear it with jeans until the weather warms up to get those summer vibes started ASAP.

Pom pom Top, £25.99, Zara

It’s a shoe thing 

Bored of ankle boots and trainers? Us too. We’re dreaming of the days where we can let our toes breathe again.

Suede embellished pom pom sandals, £28, ASOS

Military Chic 

Thinking pom poms were too girly for you? That’s ridiculous, pom poms are très egalitarian. We’re loving them on this military jacket.

Cropped Utility Jacket, £23, Forever 21


Summer swing  

If summer was a dress, it would surely be this one. All orange like the sunset, decorated with fun pom poms and plenty of room to stash a box of Magnums beneath it. We’ll take two, just in case.

Off Shoulder Swing Sundress, £18, ASOS

Delicate decolletage 

Pom poms don’t have to be all in-your-face – they can just be around your neck if you so fancy. This delicate necklace will go with pretty much everything you own.

Multicoloured pompom necklace, £12.99, Zara

On point 

Want to dip your toe in the pom pom trend? Then these are the shoes for you. They say ‘I’m a classy lady but I also have strong views on what Beyoncé should call her ‘Beybies’.

Mid heel pom pom sandals, £39.99, Zara

Shoulder on

If you were one of the six people in the UK to not have a blue and white off-the-shoulder top last summer, we have some good news. Your patience has been rewarded and now you can buy a new and improved version (read: the new version includes pom poms, guys).

Striped off-the-shoulder top, £16, Forever 21

Shake your pom pom 

Big earrings are in. Pom poms are in. It was only a matter of time until someone combined the two. Jazz up your ear game with these pom pom chandelier earrings, and see if you can ever get Sia out of your head.

Pom pom Jewel Earrings, £8, ASOS

But it’s still kinda chilly outside…

Thinking you like the look of all this pom pom paraphernalia, but it’s still too cold outside to actually wear any of it? We’ve got you covered too. Voila: pom pom jeans. Thank you, Topshop.

Moto Pink Pom Pom Jeans, £46, Topshop


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