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The five cool summer buys you’ll want in your wardrobe every year

Ever get outfit envy so bad that you want to quit what you’re doing and go shopping immediately?

This happened to me yesterday. There were two girls in the next booth at the local coffee place. One was totally on trend, in a tropical jumpsuit and floral kimono jacket. She looked good, but it was her friend that I was style crushing over.

What she was wearing was so simple: white shirt, cut off shorts and flip flops. But she looked so cool! I imagined her heading off to join Kate Moss and co in Ibiza later that day, although she was probably going home to do exam revision, lol.

Having concluded it would be weird to ask if she’d be my friend (that would have been strange, yes?!), I decided to use her as my muse instead. She was rocking some old school summer classics, items so iconic that they’ll never go out of fashion – which means buy now and wear every summer. I guess that makes them investments – the perfect excuse for shopping.

Also want a look that says ‘laid back summer cool’? Here are five items you’ll want in your wardrobe…

Denim shorts

Dirty Dancing may be thirty this year but the kinda cut-offs favoured by Baby will never grow old. Ask your mum. From skimpy short to nearer-the-knee, there’s a version for everyone. They’re especially great if you’re packing for a trip as, like the jeans they come from, they are better for not being washed – so if you’re lucky enough to be having a fortnight away then grab a pair and don’t worry about how much you’ll be wearing them.

Summer ’17 twist: forget bumper stickers as souvenirs (what use are they if you don’t have a car anyway?!) Pick up badges or patches from any place you visit this summer and sew them to your pockets to make your own personalised memory board.

Try this one: Try this one: pretty much every vintage shop in the land has a rack of shorts made from old Levis, Lees and Wranglers. Head to your nearest store and get rummaging! Or just snap up these beauties from Zara

Holo backpack 

Summer is a time for fun, right? And the perfect bag can help with this as it’s hard to feel anything other than happy if you’re toting round a holographic backpack! We are obsessed with everything shiny atm (plus it talks to our inner space queen) so make yourself happy and get one to shine bright on your back this summer – and next summer, and the one after, and the one after that!

Summer ’17 twist: a cool mix of blue and purple is the hot colour combo of the season, so get your holiday wardrobe on point.

Try this one: Clear Holo Backpack, £30

Striped dress

Blue-and-white Breton stripes are just as summery as loud Hawaiian prints, just less shouty about it – and easier to wear!  Every spring Breton tees and tops fill the shops but it’s the jersey dress that trumps them all. Wear with leggings and a hoody when it’s cold and wet or on its own when the sun is out to bring a bit of French fancy to your wardrobe.

Summer ’17 twist: pop a t-shirt underneath to get the 1990s vibe that’s so popular right now.

Try this one: H&M Jersey Striped Dress, £12.99

Cotton shirt 

Banish nightmarish thoughts of school uniforms: like my coffee shop style inspo, a plain shirt is a great place to start with your summer wardrobe. Cotton will keep you cool when it’s roasting and provide an extra layer when it turns chilly. It’ll also work in loads of different situations, whether you need something a bit smarter for a holiday job interview or a cover up for the beach.

Summer ’17 twist: shirts are *big* fashion news this year, with lots of celebs showing new ways to style them. Make like style babe Ashley Olsen and wear yours backwards – just make sure that there’s someone around to help you unbutton it before bed!

Try this one: jazz up the classic white style with a cute touch of embroidery. Topshop’s £32 hero buy is our number one.

Hoop earrings

Whatever decade captures your fashion heart, from the 1950s to today, you’ll find the stars of summer adorned with hoop earrings. Like Ray-Ban sunnies, this is an accessory that just *is* summer. Again you can make them work for you, with different sizes and finishes available – but plain silver is always a sure fire bet.

Summer ’17 twist: wear a hoop in one lobe and a stud in another for the asymmetric earring craze. Just be prepared for ‘You forgot your other earring’ comments from your annoying brother (or maybe it’s only me with that luck!).

Try this one: swish your hair back and forth as you show off these Freedom babies for just £5!


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