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Weird or wonderful? People are actually having freckles tattooed on their faces

Freckles are beautiful. We’re all in agreement there, right? Whether it’s a light dusting on your cheekbones or a gorgeous flurry all over your arms and legs, freckly people have nothing to be self-conscious about and everything to show off with pride. That’s some of mother nature’s most beautiful confetti you’ve got there.

Some people are so keen to work the look that Topshop even started selling a freckle pencil a couple of years ago, to help enhance existing freckles or draw on brand new ones. Not gonna lie, we had a few questions (like, what happens when you get a bit sweaty and your cute cluster of freckles ends up a big brown smear across your nose?) but we got on board. Hey, beauty is for experimenting. Crazes come and go.

But you know what doesn’t come and go? Tattoos. Freckle tattoos are happening, everyone.

Healed freckles 🏵

A post shared by @sydneydyercosmetics on

To be fair, they’re done using pigment rather than ink, which means they last up to three years – not forever. Still though, that’s three years with fake freckles on your face. It’s being done by beauty therapists who also perform microblading, painting super fine realistic hairs onto the skin to fill in over-plucked eyebrows.

Some look pretty realistic, we must admit.

Healed freckles 💕

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Some look… um, less realistic.

Heavier freckle pattern for this beauty! #freckletattoos #mmsouthern #mosouthern

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And some are rainbow. Because 2017.

tattooed rainbow freckles today 💖🌈 #freckletattoo #rainbowfreckles (© 6/18/17 Lauren Callahan) ™

A post shared by Lauren Callahan (@_littlelo) on

Ok so we might not be queueing up to go under the needle anytime soon… but it’s better for you than sitting in the sun all day. Plus if freckle tattoos help people who already have freckles to love them a little more, then maybe it’s a great thing.

Although three years with permanent rainbows on your face? Hate to break it to you guys, but there’s another way and it’s called: glitter.

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