Glitter ear makeup is now a thing, guys! Weird or wonderful?

Just when you thought glitter had peaked with the disco-dandruff parting, along comes another beauty trend to make sure you really get your money’s worth out of that pot of dazzle dust. Glitter ears. We’ll say it again: glitter ears.

The ‘ear makeup’ look has been popping up on the Fashion Week runways for a couple of years now – from bold flashes of colour that look a bit like a mishap in primary school art class, to grungy black streaks that would make your Nan mutter about washing your neck better in the bath. So far, so faaahshun. But the spin that made us think lobe paint could really be ’ear to stay was when makeup artists like Pat McGrath started doing it with glitter.

Gilded, glowing, a little bit sexy space alien, sparkly metallic lugs might actually make the leap from the catwalk to the real world. Because when you stop to think about it, is pasting your lobes with glitter really any weirder than punching holes in them to poke metal through? Exactly.


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