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Here’s what everyone wore to the early Teen Choice Awards. Just wow.

The Teen Choice Awards are almost upon us again! It’s the annual ceremony that sees celebs awarded with surfboards and some of your favourite stars perform, with this year’s show taking place in Los Angeles on 13 August.

Among the 2017 performers are Louis Tomlinson, Zara Larsson and Clean Bandit, while Lucy Hale, Victoria Justice and the Riverdale gang are all lined up to appear. We’re sure they’ll all fix up and look sharp – but what did people wear to the Teen Choice Awards in years gone by?

Well, funny you should ask, because we’ve raided the archives to find out EXACTLY what everyone rocked to the retro TCAs in the 90s and early 00s. Check out the fabulous looks below and keep your fingers crossed that this year’s attendees make half as much effort.

Destiny’s Child

You can always rely Queen B to work a killer outfit at any ‘do she hits up – and my, she worked it at the TCAs in 2001. Worked it with her best girls, Kelly and Michelle, who collectively nailed that sizzling hot salsa look that was SO BIG in the 90s. We’re serious.


Peak ’90s pop god vibes from Usher here – just check out those super-baggy stonewash jeans and, erm, bowling shoes? We’re loving the hot red racing jacket (and the fact that he brought his smoke machine along).

Gwen Stefani

Turns out Gwen got the stonewash memo, too, and we’re seriously into her star-print bikini top. As for the teeny-tiny cardigan? We’ll leave that in 2001.

Paris Hilton

Party girl Paris poses up a storm in her fave accessory: massive sunglasses encrusted with diamonds. It is sunny, tbf.


Clearly there isn’t an award for Best Dressed Band. Sorry boys, but that bandana and glasses combo. The goaties. Justin’s necklace…

Aaron and Nick Carter

Guys, you’re at the Teen Choice Awards, not a Pirates Of The Caribbean audition. Don’t worry, just go and chill with N*Sync. You’ll feel better.

Jessica Alba

Did this girl NEVER have an awkward teenage phase?! Not fair.

Reese Witherspoon

Sure, she’s wearing her office trousers but a floral hair clip jazzes things up, right guys?

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Slay, Buffy, slay.

Dakota Fanning

Dakota is too cute for words.

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