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‘Jamsu’ is the Korean powder hack that makes your makeup last longer. Weird or wonderful?

Another day, another internet beauty hack to have you wondering where the line lies between ‘genius’ and ‘genuinely disturbing’.

Jamsu – which roughly translates as ‘diving’ in Korean – involves covering your whole face in a thick layer of baby powder or talcum powder, then dunking it into a bowl/sink full of water for 15 to 30 seconds.

The idea is that, in the same way as the ‘baking’ technique loved by Kim Kardashian, the powder will set your foundation, keep your skin matte and stop your makeup sliding away during the day. Which all sounds great. But it also involves dunking your freshly-made up head into a sink of water, though, so we have MANY questions.

Thank god then for intrepid beauty YouTubers, who will dive in where the rest of us fear to paddle. Bloggers, vloggers and beauty junkies across the internet have been testing out jamsu, and despite a few sceptics, the verdict has been surprisingly positive. “My foundation looked better than ever. My pores were nearly invisible and my complexion looked smooth,” wrote Emily Slawek at The Today Programme, after a powder-and-dunk left her face immaculate all day.

Some testers claim it’s better to use a regular face powder if baby powder leaves you too pale (which is a lot less bargainous) and generally the trick seems to work better for oily skin than dry. But if you’re sick of waving goodbye to your makeup within hours of putting it on in the morning, jamsu could just become your new jam.

Image: YouTube/YoonCharmi


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