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Why Kayla Robinson is kicking ass in the fashion world RN

No one appreciates the importance of social media more than our latest #girlcrush and badass entrepreneur Kayla Robinson.

Her self-made t-shirt brand Green Box Shop went crazy on Instagram after singer-songwriter Frank Ocean rocked one of her statement tees at Panorama Festival in New York this summer.

Now? She’s got a host of celeb fan-girls-and-guys, plus a swish fashion biz – and she’s only 18. Here’s why we’re currently obsessing over this mega-babe…

Who’s that girl?

Kayla’s always had a go-getter spirit. She started her business in May last year out of her mum’s flat to bankroll her dream of becoming a professional yoga teacher, and used GoFundMe to help grow her funds. She now uses her social media accounts (@kaylaa.robinson and @greenboxshop_) to promote her statement designs, as well as empower millennials to use their freedom of speech. She told Teen Vogue: “It basically came from a passion for speaking my mind and tie-dye.” You go girl!

flash holiday sale @greenboxshop_ 20% off. Check it out & happy holidays ❄️

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Why we love her…

She’s woke af. (FYI: Woke, noun: Being aware. Particularly of the social, political and environmental issues that surround you.)

today I wore jeans for the first time since my birth

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Knowledge is deffo power and priding herself on being “#wokeaf” Kayla and her designs represent what’s going on in the world. She keeps up to date with current events and uses her Instagram to chat with fans about social and political issues, explaining to Vibe that her business is a “safe space for progressive discussions”. Head over to get totally clued up.

Kayla’s all about helping others and giving back, too. She and her team regularly volunteer in her hometown of Broward County, Florida to support the community. Whether it’s as part of a flood prevention scheme or food drive, this gal isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. She also picks one to two t-shirt designs in each collection to sponsor a non-profit organisation. ATM 50% of the proceeds for her “Climate Change is Real” shirt are donated to the Honeybee Conservancy. Like, how sweet is that?!

pink sunset vibes ~ I'll be only using @greenboxshop_ from now on ily ✌?

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Along with promoting body confidence, this teen is also pretty eco-conscious. Her passion for social justice is just the tip of the iceberg as she’s already dreaming of bigger things. “My ultimate goal is to get involved in urban farming to make healthy and homegrown food more accessible in the many food deserts in our country,” she tells Teen Vogue. Her love for mother nature can also be found on her crazy cool team of creatives including a rescue dog called April who’s their  “best employee”. LOL.

life hack: learn how to thrive off of positive energy

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Yoga Lover

Kayla is a pretty smart cookie and if owning a business aged 18 wasn’t enough to make you wanna be besties with this girl, she’s also a yoga guru. Check out her social accounts and you’ll be sure to turn green with envy at her skills.

a gr8 warm up

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Who else is backing this babe?

It’s not just the betty squad who are hooked, hip-hop king Frank Ocean is also showing his love. After appearing in the brands iconic “Why be racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic when you can just be quiet?” over 3,500 orders were placed for this amazing tee. Ever humble Kayla told MTV she couldn’t believe one of her icons would be wearing her designs and is excited that this new found exposure will mean she can give back even more.


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And the celeb attention didn’t stop there with Zendaya *adding all to cart*.


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Talk about #midweekmotivation, eh? We’ve been totally inspired. Remember, “self-doubt is your worst enemy”. It’s time to follow your fashionista dreams.

The fairtrade t-shirts are available at and can be shipped worldwide. Who’s in?

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