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Kim Kardashian loves the cult skincare brand in this month’s bettybox!

Spotty chin, greasy nose, red cheeks…what’s your skin trying to tell you? Hormones, puberty, that ice-cream face paint trend you’ve been trying out, our skin can be sensitive sometimes. All products in the Sebamed Clear Face collection are suitable for sensitive skin and can help to maintain the skin’s natural pH balance of 5.5, which boosts the barrier function of the skin’s acid mantle and inhibits the growth of icky bacteria that can cause spots. Basically, if you have greasy or combination skin, you need this skincare brand in your life!

Loving your new Sebamed Clear Face Deep Cleansing Toner from September’s bettybox? You’re in good company, girl, check out these famous faces who’ve been caught using Sebamed goodies, too.

Kim K loves Sebamed

Kim Kardashian uses Sebamed Moisturizing Body Lotion to help with her psoriasis, a dry skin condition that can cause sore and itchy skin. The lotion is made with chamomile and allantoin – two super-soothing ingredients that help to relieve dryness and redness.

And she’s not Sebamed’s only celeb fan

Half of London is too, according to these sneaky Insta pics. Do you recognise any of these familiar faces?

How gorgeous does @rosiefortescue look using Sebamed! #Sebamed #skincare

A post shared by sebamed UK (@sebameduk) on

Ex MIC star, fashion blogger and jewellery designer, Rosie Fortescue, is a fan, too. She looks super-serious in this pic, maybe she’s just run out of her fave product…

Oh, look, and here’s MIC and Big Brother star, Ashley James, posing for a Sebamed selfie. We wonder if she used Sebamed Clear Face Mattifying Cream before taking it? Her skin looks flawless.

And it looks like one of our fave MIC boys, Sam Thompson, is a secret Sebamed hoarder as well, because boys have #clearskingoals too, you know.

Subscribe to September’s bettybox, and you’ll unwrap Sebamed Clear Face Deep Cleansing Toner with witch hazel to shrink pores and panthenol to help heal spots, it’s a no-brainer when it comes to reaching those clear skin goals.

Image: Amber Eggleden

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