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Weird or wonderful? Marble lips are a thing

This week in ‘crazy-amazing things to do with your face’, all eyes are on lips. Again. Step aside, glitter lips, velvet lips and crystal lips because there’s a new lip art trend in town, and it is solid. It’s… well, marble.

Being copied and topped by MUAs across the internet, the look involves a base colour like white or pale blue, little feathery strokes of black or grey to give that natural, stony, ‘been metamorphosing in a cliff face for a several hundred million years’ look, and either hints of gold or a coat of gloss (or both). Y’know, for a little geological glamour.

We know what you’re going to ask. Why? Why are people painting their pouts up to look like your parents’ kitchen worktop? We’ll be honest, we don’t know. It looks like a hella lot of effort, for something that would probably go smudgy and grey the moment you so much as look at a Frappuccino.

BUT, at the same time, life is short and Sunday nights are long and sometimes a gal needs a good art project to keep her entertained. So why not make yourself a living statue? Rock on.


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