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Who needs a ball gown when you have a dressing gown? 7 of the snuggliest robes around

Winter is here! Ok, fine, it’s technically still autumn. But the Christmas lights are up and all the supermarkets are selling mince pies now, so whichever way you slice it, dressing gown season is upon us.

To all the sceptics out there, we promise, this is something to get excited about. Dressing gowns are the answer to the age old question of how to get from the shower into your clothes without risking pneumonia. They’re the answer to the question: ‘what gown would you most like to wear to a ball?’ And also, ‘if there was one item of clothing you had to save from a fire, what would it be?’ *

Of course, all good things have their price, and some dressing gowns can be a little spendy so you might want to pop them on your Christmas list.

Take a look at our favourite gowns to lounge around in.

The casual heroine 

This looks like the type of dressing gown that Cameron Diaz would wear in a romantic comedy where she falls in love with Hugh Grant while they’re on a safari in Tanzania (if any film producers are reading this, tweet me – I have a lot of ideas for this film).


Checked Dressing Gown, Chelsea Peers, £35

Safari season

Speaking of safaris, this dressing down will make you feel like you’re on one! Well, a sort of weird fantasy winter safari that involves moose and penguins – but you get what we mean.


Hooded Animal Robe, Next, £26

Dress it up, dress it down

This dressing gown is ideal. It’s comfy enough to wear while sitting on the sofa watching The Fault in Our Stars, while suave and stylish enough to be able to wear out to the shops to pick up more popcorn (and tissues).


Waterfall wrap, Asda, £14

Curtain appeal

Yes, this might look like the pattern your Nan is considering for her new curtains, but honestly – what says ‘cosy’ more than nans and florals? Nothing.


Printed Robe, Next, £26


At first glance, this just looks like a grey dressing gown. There’s nothing wrong with grey, it’s the colour of elephants, Megan Fox’s eyes, the British sky… but have a closer look and you’ll see a whole Milky Way in this dressing gown.


Grey Borg, New Look, £24.99

Robin Hood

If you fancy being one of Santa’s extended family, this is the robe for you. Plus it’s got a hood, for maximum cuddle factor.


Robin, M&S, £35

One last spot

Ok, this robe is on the pricey side – but that doesn’t stop us being dotty about it (see what we did there?). It’ll see you through many a winter.


Duck Egg, Monsoon, £39

Let the cosiness begin!

*For reals though, be careful with dressing gowns near fire, especially  the stove. They’re super flammable and Lily managed to singe hers while making pasta within the first week of owning it.

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