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No wire, no worries! An ode to bralettes

I find most women’s clothes uncomfortable. Skinny jeans leave me with angry red marks where the seams have practically grafted to my body. High waisted shorts give me tummy ache. My favourite clogs inevitably give me enormous blisters.

But it’s bras that are my real nemesis.

I have had bras that my nipple constantly escaped from like an overly enthusiastic jack-in-the-box. Bras that have given me blisters. Bras that have cut into my skin until I bled. Bras that felt more like torture devices from the 1800s than support vehicles for my chest.

Which is why the new breed of underwire-free bralettes are a dream. They’re comfy and soft and oh-so-pretty, and make a great compromise between going braless and strapping yourself into a serious Bra with a capital B.

I have enormous boobs, so for those of you out there who are thinking they are too ample of bosom to wear bralettes, I am living proof that there is no such thing. Sure, they don’t always give me enough support while I’m out and about, but the moment I get home the first thing I do is substitute my sturdy bra for a bralette as soft as the hair behind a unicorn’s ear.

Whether you want to wear them all day or just around the house, here our top picks for bralettes at the moment.

Bloomin’ brilliant

Spring is a long time away, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still wear florals, right?

bralette H&M

Mesh triangle bra, H&M, £12.99

Flower power

Not only is this bralette beautiful at the front, look at the back! It’s stunning from every angle.

VS bralette

Floral racerback, Victoria’s Secret, £20.86

Bringin’ racer back

This bralette has the option to make it a racer back, so if you’ve got a *fuller* chest, this one might offer you some more support.

next blue ehigh res

Navy Daisy, Next, £15


This is the bralette that dreams are made of. It’s like an artwork without underwire, the dream.


Christina Floral, Topshop, £22

Dotty for bralettes

Polka dots are always adorable. This bralette is no exception.


Mesh bra, Monki, £15


If you’re wanting a hint of lace without being a full-on lace assault, this bralette is the one for you.

next high res

Daisy, Next, £12

Soft, like velvet 

This one legitimately does feel like the hair behind a unicorn’s ear. It’s that soft.


Navy, New Look, £9.99

See? Just like your headphones and your internet connection, maybe all the best things are wireless.

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