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Points on point: The best embellished collars on the internet

Right so, we know that when you spend all day in school uniform, putting on another shirt at the weekend might feel about as appealing as spending your Saturday in science goggles trying to understand the rock cycle. But shut up and scroll, because you have never seen prettier collars than these in your life.  

From cheeky embroidered touches to dazzling embellishment, this season the collar is really sticking its neck out. And even better, there are loads of detachable options to jazz up all the tops and dresses that are already in your wardrobe – genius.

So hollerrr for the internet’s best collars. Doing your top button up has never been so appealing.

Lash life

Blue shirt

So cute, so much easier to apply than falsies.

Blue shirt, £19.99, Zara


Wings of love

Hummingbird collar

A little bird told us this collar was amazing, and we said “yes little bird, you are correct.”

Hummingbird detachable collar, £12, ASOS


Power dressing

Grrrl power collar

Channel everything the Spice Girls stood for, but without a union jack or camo trousers in sight.

Grrrl power detachable collar, £17.80, CollarMePrettyCo / Etsy


You rebel

Break Rules embroidered collar top

They can’t give your collar detention, can they?

Break rules embroidered collar top, £15.99, Bershka


Jewel purpose

Peach collar

A fake shirt! As long as you remember you can’t actually take your jumper off, you’re golden.

Embellished lace bib, £15, ASOS


Bunch of flowers

Pink shirt

Sensible enough to wear on work experience or to your baby cousin’s christening, but still snazzy enough to make a statement.

Embellished collar shirt, £35, Miss Selfridge


Prickly customer

Cactus collar

If keeping cacti alive on your windowsill still seems like too much effort, wear some excellent succulents on your collar instead.

Detachable cactus collar, £18.98, CollarMePrettyCo on Etsy


Cherry on top

Cherry collar top


Cherry collar rib top, £30, Oasis


Swanning about

Swan collar

If the Queen wore a detachable collar from ASOS, you know it would be this one.

Swan collar, £10, ASOS


Hello petal

flower collar

Your neck works hard for you all day. Go on, buy it some flowers to say thanks.

Multi coloured flower collar, £10, ASOS

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Image: Katie Edmunds

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