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Weird or wonderful? Pom-pom makeup is a thing, and we’re not clowning around

When it comes to pom-poms, we are total cheerleaders. We love the fluffy little fellas. We’ve made them, we’ve worn them, we’ve even turned them into a frickin’ chandelier… everything, basically, looks better with pom-poms.

But… our faces? Really, guys?

Really. This week in ‘internet beauty trends your Nan will never understand’, pom-pom makeup is a thing. We suppose after all the shoes and beach bags and trouser hems were full, cheeks and eyelids were the only place left for them to end up. Festival beauty just got a whole lot fuzzier…

🍭I was playing around with some pom poms yesterday and created this look.✌🏻 It's pretty simple but I love it because of the fun colors and it reminds me of the 60's.🌼 👉🏻Products Used: @colourpopcosmetics Créme Gel Liner in Punch @nyxcosmetics Color Mascara in Mint Julep @dragon.dust Chunky Glitter Pot in Paparazzi @duoadhesive Clear Lash Glue @kissproducts Ever Ez lashes in style 03 ************* 💓🌸🍭🦄🌼🕺✌🏻🍬👩‍🎤🌈 ************* #nyx #nyxcosmetics #nyxbeauty #colourpop #colourpopme #colourpopcosmetics #dragondust #dragondustglitter #duo #duolashglue #duoadhesive #kissproducts #kisslashes #pompoms #pompommakeup #makeup #mua #beauty #art #eyeshadow #60s #holographic #holo #undiscovered_muas #neon

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Pretty, right?! Pretty and not at ALL impractical/ridiculous! Here’s another one.

#happyface #pompommakeup #makeup #nyxcosmetics #nyxcosmeticsnordics #maybelline #pompoms #pompomlove

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Still unconvinced? Well, consider your poor, chilly eyeballs. “My eyes have never felt so cozy” says beauty ’grammer makeupmouse, in a post that makes pizza eyeliner look like a subtle, ‘barely there’ beauty look.

They don’t need to be multicoloured, either – here’s a seriously regal black and gold crown brow. Yes, crown brow – keep up.

But as far as we’re concerned, the biggest reason to dabble in pom-pom makeup is skipping concealer and using them to cover up your spots instead. So cute! So handy! Provided they’re not all on your chin, obvs.

#pompomart #purpleyellow #puffymask #cellularart

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