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Which ultimate eyeshadow palette is the one for you?

Life is short, makeup bags are small and sometimes you want all your options under one handy mirrored lid. All hail the eyeshadow palette! From fancy schmancy brands to your high street old faithfuls, there’s a galaxy of palette potential out there… but how to sort the perfect paintbox from the palette you’ll use once and add to the makeup graveyard? With a quiz, that’s how.

We’ve narrowed down your options to four stand-out eyeshadow palettes. Eye spy… your new life partner! Step right this way to meet your match.

1. What would your dream bedroom look like?

2. You’ve only got time to apply ONE makeup item – what do you go for?

3. Your pal wants to borrow your new palette, and you haven’t even used it yet. Do you?

4. What would we find if we delved into your bag?

5. Which one of these would be your spirit emoji?

6. You’re in charge of the snacks for this weekend’s party. What are you gonna go for?

7. It’s your job to name a brand new, pinky nude lipstick. Which will you choose?

8. Which of these makeup mottos do you relate to the most?

Get your mitts on your palette here…

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette, £41

Urban Decay Naked Palette, £39.50

Sleek MakeUp i- Divine Eyeshadow Palette in Storm, £8.99

Maybelline Palette The Nudes, £9.99


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