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Santa Claws is coming to town! The best Christmas outfits for your pets #WeepyGirlsCorner

Christmas time can be magical, but it can also be kinda stressful. Navigating the crowds on the high street, finding the perfect Christmas jumper (psst, check these ones out), working out what to get your mum that says, “Thank you for loving me even when I’m being miserable at 7:30 in the morning,” while also being under £20 and easy to wrap without injuring yourself.

But here’s one thing that’s totally stress-free this Christmas: working out how to dress your pets. And if you don’t have pets, do yourself a favour and have a scroll anyway – for… reasons. Wellbeing reasons. It’s a mindfulness exercise, totally not just because we wanted to look at adorable animals in Christmas outfits.

From Bugs to Black Beauty, we’ve got everyone covered. Mainly in wool and glitter.

Santa Paws

Despite the gloves on this costume seemingly being the wrong way around, it should be a staple in every dogs Christmas wardrobe. All dogs have Christmas wardrobes, right?


Santa Outfit, Amazon, £5.49

Cat in a hat

No offence to Dr Seuss but this version of The Cat In The Hat might be better.


Cat Hat, Etsy, £11.52

Gingerbread Dog

The dog in this photo doesn’t look like he’s having the best time, but if he saw himself in a mirror there’s a 500% chance he would change his mind.


Gingerbread Man, Halloween Costumes, £17.99

Horsing around

If ever you get gloomy with the state of the world, remember there’s a woman somewhere making dress up clothes for horses.


Horse Hat, Etsy, £13.05

A man’s best elf 

You just know this dog would make an excellent elf. He’s got an eager-to-please face and friendly eyes. Plus he’s carrying a gift and everything.


Elf Costume, Amazon, £5.99

Or grumpy elf 

We have found the canine equivalent of The Grumpy Cat. Look at this dog. Look at this outfit. Just LOOK.


Grumpy elf, Halloween Costumes, £13.99

Velveteen Rabbit

This rabbit is so on trend – velvet and sequins. And not a hare out of place.


Rabbit Hat, Etsy, £8.69

Pup in booties

If your dog doesn’t suit hats (or more likely, it just scratches at them until they come off) why not try these adorable little socks. There’s one for each paw.


Dog Socks, Amazon, 99p 

The Holy Grail

Never in the history of the world has anyone thought £70 for a dog outfit was a good investment until they saw this outfit on this dog. The top hat. The feathers in the top hat. The lacy thingy-majig.


Caroler, Etsy, £77.51 

What are you waiting for? These are all totally sound and sensible ways to spend your hard earned cash!

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