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Six perfectly imperfect beauty trends #UnpickingPerfection

Announcement: there’s nothing wrong with loving beauty. But you knew that. There’s loads of fun to be had with make-up and nail art and hair experiments and face glitter and hours spent messing around in Superdrug or trawling Pinterest for new ways to jazz up what Mother Nature gave you. That’s all good.

But what’s boring? Perfection. When beauty stops being about expressing yourself and starts being about expressing some magazine’s really narrow idea of how you ‘should’ look, it all gets a bit…. ugh. A bit… yawn. Not to mention much worse for our self-esteem than wonky eyeliner or a few split ends. Plus, there’s something eternally cool about not really caring too much. Wild hair, chipped nails, smudgy eyes; from Brigitte Bardot to Cara Delevingne, history is full of beauty icons who knew that life was too short to do six layers of contouring.

So instead of worrying about flawless foundation or immaculate manicures, let’s celebrate some of the colourful, the messy, the sparkly and the loud, proud beauty trends that laugh in the face of perfection. Then pout, then take a fabulous selfie.


1. Mermaid hair

Roots? Pfft. Forget boring highlight maintenance and be a beautiful land mermaid instead, with hair that shows your true colours. All eight of them.


2. Smudgy lips

Great news for those of us who like to do lipstick while running for the bus! Slightly blurry, smudgy lips are currently the last word in cool. Ditch the liner and say ‘mmmm’.


3. The messy bun

All hail the messy bun! Beloved of everybody from Zoella to your friendly neighbourhood dog-walker, the messy bun is the ultimate lazy girl hair. Muss it up, muss it some more, and when it looks like it would make your Nan ask if you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards, you’re good to go.


4. Clumpy lashes

Spider lashes are for life, not just for Halloween! Mascara fiends rejoice, because clumpy, spiky, 60s-esque overloaded lashes are apparently a fashion ‘thing’ now. But so is wearing no mascara at all – everybody wins!


5. Bushy brows

That skin and those freckles 🙌🏼 ph:unknown 💃🏻

A post shared by SOEL WALKER (@soelwalker) on

We’ve been in love with giant brows for ages now, but that perfectly groomed on-fleek look is still a lot of effort. So let’s embrace the off-fleek brow in all its naturally ruffled glory.


6. Glitter for dayyyys

Had loads of fun with glitter today ✨ #strobing #glitter #clumpylashes #art #makeup #mua #highlight #glow #summer #festival

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Let’s look to Jane from the Bake Off, and her totally perfect philosophy: if in doubt, chuck a load of glitter on it. It worked for her chocolate celebration cake and it’ll definitely work for your face, too.

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