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bettybuy: a magic stamp to make sure your eyeliner is always on point

If you added up all the time you’ve spent desperately trying to get your eyeliner flicks to match, how much do you think it would be? A day? A week? Long enough to write a bestselling novel, code an app and get your coursework in on time? Imagine. Imagine if you could pop your liquid liner on in five minutes and spare yourself all of this [LINK TO THOUGHTS YOU HAVE WHEN DOING EYELINER PIECE] hassle.

Well (and you sensed where this was going, didn’t you?) now you can! The Vamp Stamp VaVaVoom is here to save us all from wonky kitten flicks and hours of cotton bud clean-ups.

The idea is simple: a plastic gizmo in the shape of the perfect retro wing, to dip in a pot of liquid liner and stamp on. You know, just like the ink pad stamps your teacher used to use on your books in primary school – and a big ‘well done’ is what you’ll deserve after you turn up with flawless flicks like it ain’t no thing.

Obviously if you like a whole different shape then you’re on your own, but for the wobbly-handed among us, this could be the answer to our prayers.

It’s such a good idea that we’re kind of furious we didn’t invent it ourselves. But without it, tbh, who has the time?

VaVaVoom Stamp, £22.50, Cult Beauty


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