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Weird or wonderful? People are using eggs as beauty blenders and the internet is cracking up

Why shell out for a silicone beauty blender when you could just use an egg? *Record scratch*

Wait, did you just say an egg? Like a ‘what came first the chicken or the egg’ sort of egg? An ‘I’ll have scrambled eggs please with a side of bacon’ type of egg? A literal egg, egg?

Oeuf. I bet you didn’t see that one coming.

I so wish I was yolking your chain with this, but I’m not. This is the world we live in and we must eggs-ccept it. A world where people hard boil eggs, peel them and I assume (but can’t be entirely certain), wait for them to cool so that they can use them to rub foundation all over their face.

The whole sensation started when YouTuber Popluxe posted a video of himself applying foundation with a hard-boiled egg in place of a sponge. Cue a million people on the internet scrambling to make sense of it…

Some of our pals over at The Pool tried it, so thankfully we don’t have to. We’ve just poached their video.

The truly eggceptional thing is – it works. It really, truly works. But does that mean that you should ditch your beauty blenders and go free range? Unless you want your face to smell like farts, probably not. But hey, you do you, chick.


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