Weird or wonderful? Feather brows are a thing now

Well knock us down with a feather, there’s a new brow trend in town. And it’s wild.

The beautiful, centre-parted ‘feather brows’ were created by makeup artist Stella Sironen, who unveiled them on Instagram a week ago. The secret pro beauty tool she used to keep them in place? Glue stick. Regular primary-school-craft-time glue stick.

Stella later admitted she was actually jk (“when u make a joke about starting a funny brow trend people will take it seriously”, she posted alongside another shot) – but it doesn’t even matter, because these days the lines between a beauty ‘trend’ and a beauty joke are blurry. Or rather, well-blended. Possibly even using an egg.

Since then the #featherbrows tag has taken flight (ha) and beauty ’grammers across the world have been getting in a flap (haha) over the look, brushing and sticking their hairs into fancy formation. Do they look good? Dunno. Nobody really does. But are they a nice change from all that scary HD brow perfection? Definitely.

#featherbrows #theydoexist #shetoleratesme #brows #imeasilyamused #hairgel

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Besides, for those of us who have lively, rebellious brows – the kind that can’t last half an hour without going all ruffled in the breeze – feather brows aren’t even an extreme beauty trend. They’re just our daily look. And when it comes to taming what Mother Nature gave us, sometimes we all feel like we’re winging it.



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