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Weird or wonderful? Topshop’s clear panel Mom jeans are causing serious style dramz

This week, in ‘trends to make your Dad choke on his coffee’, we present: the clear panel Mom jeans that are dividing the internet.

Are they awesome? Are they hideous? Are they cutting-edge fashion or an early April Fool’s joke? Are knees the new body part to flash, like shoulders were last summer? Or is it so you can spill things on your knees (Diet Coke, yoghurt, ketchup) and breezily wipe it off again?

Also: where will it end? Will we soon be wearing totally transparent plastic dresses? And shoes? And… PANTS? These and so many more questions are currently splitting fashion right down the middle, like a weird denim-and-plastic referendum. Prepare yourself, too, because people might surprise you. The friends you thought would laugh along with you might just be the ones who rock up on the next non-uniform day wearing them like it ain’t no thing.

Or on the other hand, maybe everyone else around you is laughing but you’re feeling a weird urge, deep down inside, to run into town and bag a pair before they all sell out (and yes, they are selling). That’s fine too. It’s ok. Fashion moves in mysterious ways.

And if the eyes are the window to the soul, then maybe these jeans are the window to your knees. Or something.

Clear panel Mom jeans, £49, Topshop


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