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Weird or wonderful? Wire manicures are a thing now, and they’re actually pretty cool

First came nails so shiny they looked like metal… now brace yourself, because here come nails that are made from metal. Seriously. Next time someone asks if you’ve seen The Wire, double-check they’re not talking about the latest in mani madness: wire nails.

손톱이 길었으면 네일🙃 #fakenail #wirework #unistella

A post shared by Park Eunkyung (@nail_unistella) on

Created by Eun Kyung Park, manicure megastar and founder of South Korea’s Unistella Salon, the look involves bending really fine wire around your nail to outline its natural shape, make a design, or even create steely fake tips. It raises all the usual extreme manicure questions (mainly toilet-related lbh), but unlike bubble nails, duck feet nails and furry nails, this one actually looks pretty chic. Or at least, it does on Instagram.

Recreating the look at home will involve a lot of super-strength nail glue and some patience – but hey, at least there’s no risk of falling asleep and immediately smudging this one on your duvet.


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Image: Instagram/nail_unistella

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